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Make the most of winter cleaning time

Make the most of winter cleaning time

If you own a holiday let or have a second home in the Yorkshire Dales then forget spring cleaning – because winter is the time you should be sprucing up your property. You won’t have as many bookings during winter and if you leave it until spring there might not be a long enough turn-around time for a deep clean. You must also bear in mind that if you employ a professional cleaner they may have more spare slots for deep cleans during winter.

Here are just a few jobs you might need to look at during January and February:

In the kitchen:

Pull the fridge out so you can clean behind and underneath; check the coils are free from dirt and dust (this can save on power).

Deep clean the dishwasher.

Take out contents of drawers and cupboards, especially cutlery trays, for inside cleaning.

Wash the rarely used items such as larger pans, dishes etc.

Properly degrease ovens and oven trays, grill pans etc.

Clean extractor fans, replace filters.

Living rooms:

Move all furniture to check underneath, look for carpet wear.

Steam-clean upholstery, curtains and carpets if necessary.

Check lampshades.

Remove items like CDs from holders for cleaning; check behind the holders.

Untangle wires to TVs, phones etc.


Wash/renew pillows.

Turn mattresses if needed.

Fumigate bedding.

Clean under beds.

Check/freshen all stored bedding.

Check inside drawers/wardrobes for dust and rubbish.

Move furniture to clean below/behind.

Check/steam clean curtains and fittings.


Steam clean tiles/check grouting.

Check seals around showers/sinks/baths/toilets.

Deep clean shower heads.

Clean extractors.

Check overflows, toilet flushing.

Check plug-holes for hair blockages.


Check all alarms.

Check drains and gutters for debris.

Check all window and door woodwork for signs of rotting or ill-fitting.

Check all spare stock such as batteries, light bulbs etc.

Clean window and door outside frames

Do an inventory/check against last year’s.

This is by no means an exhaustive list and each home will have different requirements. Give us a call and we will drop in with a comprehensive checklist and give you an estimate for that vital winter work.

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